<h4>Video Design & Production

Video Design & Production

At Punqtum, we are story tellers.
You have a story and we know that visualizing it is a massive endeavor.

It’s often difficult to know where to start and how to proceed. We help develop your story so you stay focused on what’s important.

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See Some of Our Work

About Us

We are artists, filmmakers and designers
with a passion for concept and its integral relation to craft.
Our primary goal is to create meaningful experiences with every project we undertake.

<h2>Derek Coté

Derek Coté


I started Punqtum because I love to tell stories. I approach filmmaking and production design from a collaborative point of view – listening to clients, communicating with my team, and exploring all possibilities before committing to a solution. I live for a challenge and love it when my creative work helps others succeed in their efforts.

As an award winning artist and filmmaker, I have developed a keen affection for concept and its essential relation to craft. Maintaining an active research and studio practice allows me to work in a more experimental manner with galleries and museums, and collaborate with other creatives.

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Punqtum coordinates the creative aspects of your project.
No project is too small.
We are problem solvers who love a challenge and we want to help you succeed.


Site Scouting & Analysis, Story Development, Copywriting, Fabrication, Logistics.


Single and Multi-Camera Video Direction & Production, Explainer Videos, Product Videos, Testimonial Videos, How-To Videos, Training Videos, Interviews, Real Estate Videos, Weddings, Events, Photography.


Sound & Video Editing, Color Grading, Titles, Trailers.

Vision + Process

Every Project is Unique.
Punqtum charts a new course for every project
while adhering to our process of insuring clear communication and efficiency .


Punqtum works with you through a discovery & interview process in order to build an understanding of your project and your creative needs. Discovery involves hearing your story, assessing opportunities, addressing limitations while gaining a full understanding of the scope of your project. This helps us develop meaning and visualize ideas at the core of your project.


Based on information gathered during Discovery, Punqtum begins a process of conceptual exploration. This serves as a blueprint that identifies all the elements required to successfully visualize and tell your unique story. From this, we develop a direction, subject to review and approval, before deciding on a final direction for production.

Production & Post

This is where your project takes off and is transformed from concept to reality. During Production, Punqtum puts ideas into motion by distilling all previously collected information and crafting a coherent image that brings your story to life.

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